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A good mediator brings many intangible skills to the process.

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Your life has been shattered.

Negligence or carelessness of another’s actions may result in horrific, life-altering injuries or death. The aftermath of such an occurrence will cause you tremendous confusion and stress. How will all your medical bills be paid? How will your lost income be replaced? If your child is hurt and will never be able to care for herself, how will she be cared for when you are gone? Wherever you turn there is conflicting information about what to do and how to do it.

Ralph Hughes will answer your questions in plain language. You will understand your options through every step of the litigation process. His advice will be based on more than 40 years of experience in the resolution of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. His philosophy of tough-minded but fair advocacy often enables his clients to reach a timely and successful case resolution with insurance companies, corporations, and opposing lawyers before trial. His meticulous pre-trial preparation and willingness to try your case ensure that if it cannot be reasonably resolved he will not hesitate to take your case to trial and win a jury verdict on your behalf.

The Benefits Of Mediation

What Are the Advantages to Mediation? You get to decide: The responsibility and authority for coming to an agreement remain with the people who have the conflict. The dispute is viewed as a problem to be solved. The mediator doesn’t make the decisions, and you don’t need to “take your chances” in the courtroom.

Medical Mistakes

4 weeks after neck surgery, John coughed up one of the screws...

John was involved in a car wreck and suffered a neck injury.  After his initial recovery, John noticed he was having difficulty buttoning his shirt and picking up small objects such as coins.  When he questioned his doctor, a neurosurgeon, John was told a ruptured disc in his neck was pressing against nerves and causing a loss of his fine motor skills.

The surgeon recommended John have the ruptured disc removed and replaced with a bone graft.  The graft would be held in place by a small rectangular titanium plate and four (4) tiny screws.  John agreed to have the surgery, which involved an incision on the right side of his neck, cutting through the muscle and shifting the esophagus out of the way so as to expose the spine, then removal and replacement of the disc with a graft.  John was told the procedure went well and was a complete success…

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The drunk driver ran a red light and changed 4 lives forever...

Bobby, his wife Diane, and their 18-month-old daughter Dedra were moving the last load of furniture to the family’s new apartment.  Bobby’s best friend, Ronnie, was helping.  Bobby was driving, Ronnie was sitting in the front passenger seat, Diane was sitting in the middle with Dedra in her lap.  As they drove through an intersection, suddenly, and with absolutely no warning, a large commercial truck traveling at a high rate of speed slammed into the driver’s side of their vehicle.  

Bobby was knocked unconscious when his head hit the driver’s side door.  The force of the impact was so great, Ronnie’s door was jarred open and he was thrown into the street.  The rear wheels of Bobby’s truck ran over and killed him.  Diane and Dedra were thrown from the vehicle and, as it continued to spin, it came to a stop over Dedra…

Workplace Injuries

A knee injury ended this truck drivers career...

Danny loved to drive his tractor-trailer.  He had no formal education after the ninth grade but he was one of the best truck drivers in Georgia for more than thirty years.  Danny was a big man, and strong, but constantly climbing in and out of his truck, and pushing the clutch for ten to twelve hours a day, eventually caused his right knee to wear out.  At fifty years old, Danny was told he needed a knee replacement and a new line of work since he would not be able to drive his truck again.  Lacking the education or skills to perform any other type of work, Danny found himself with no job and no money…

Injuries to Children

Two 7-year old children went to play in a vacant lot, only 1 made it home...

Michael and Amey were seven years old and best friends who moved into their neighborhood at the same time.  They loved to play on the big vacant lot which the builder had set aside for a kids play area.  The lot was sloped and led from the street to a creek below. 

One day a bulldozer operator dragged a 1,500 pound steel pipe off of a construction site and left it at the top of the slope leading down to the children’s play area.  He braced it with some pieces of scrap wood.  Within a day or two all of the neighborhood kids, including Michael and Amey, were crawling through the pipe and playing on it the way they did the playground areas at the local McDonald’s Restaurant.  One of the adult neighbors became concerned when he saw the pipe wobble and called the subdivision construction superintendent, warning him that the pipe appeared unsteady and he was afraid a child may be hurt…

Serving Individuals To Corporations

Our depth and breadth of experience in mediation offers tangible benefits to our clients. We have been retained as counsel to resolve disputes through the arbitration process by a broad array of clients in a variety of industries, including individuals, small to mid-sized corporations, and large corporations.



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